First Workshop Performance:
Sunday, June 27th

**Due to a sudden medical emergency with one of the artists, we unfortunately have been forced to cancel the performances.


Thank you for your interest and support.**

After months of work, The Democracy Project's ensemble and team are eager to share what we've been creating together. These workshop performances invite you to be the first to experience this work. And, you're  invited into the process, to give feedback and have YOUR voice heard.

Presented on Clubhouse, an all-audio social media platform.


Not on Clubhouse yet? When you RSVP using the links above, you will also gain access to the app (available on both iPhone and Android), bypassing the "waiting list" process, and immediately join in on this popular and quickly-growing app.

Performances will be one hour, followed by a feedback session. Stick around, and share your opinions! They really matter, and will help us with further development of the show.

These performances are free of charge and all are invited to attend.


Our work is also funded by the people. If you value supporting paid artists, and are able to contribute, please support them here.